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Autism Help At Home

Autism Help At Home
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Wednesday, 26 August 2009 09:36

The head-banging, the inability to eat or sleep, the self-injury, aggression...
 it doesn't have to be a part of your child's life.
You can change it.
I can help.
Mother and Son



If you are a parent of a child diagnosed with autism, or ADHD, I can help you expedite your child's recovery.

Recovery is possible.
Learn how to get it done.



Whether Autism, ADHD or PDD…
Whether severe, high functioning or mild traits just showing up…
You can help your child out of it…
And I can help you do it
…one little bite at a time.

At Autism Help At Home, we guide parents through comprehensive nutrition consultation programs that bring about the highest rate of success in healing and recovery, as well as the best options for other therapies and treatments. What would it be like for your child (and you) to sleep through the night on a regular basis? To see your child's problem behaviors drastically reduced, and her cognitive skills increase? To get great reports from teachers and therapists? To see your child's anxiety decrease and self-confidence blossom?

I provide a system that guides you through making the most effective changes to improve the health and development of your child, and your entire family. As your child's diet and your own diet change, so will your lives. By working with me you WILL succeed at helping your child to recover from autism or ADHD. There is little time wasted and I don’t leave families to figure it out alone.

I use a holistic and biomedical approach with children (and adults) based on the most effective healing modalities currently known. In my years of experience working with children on the spectrum, I have developed an effective coaching system to immediately help relieve even the most severe problems. As we work toward correcting some of the most basic biological issues for your child, I also will guide you in a holistic health and nutrition program for your own healing.


"...Autism is treatable, remediable and in increasing numbers reversible."

Kenneth Bock, MD

Kathleen has over the course of years of my treatment facilitated measures within the family, showing truly unique observational skills proving valuable in accurately assessing results of each treatment to both the family and myself as doctor, on every level."
Dr. Nancy O'hara, MD, Board Certified Pediatrician, Integrative care for neurodevelopmental and Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Kathleen is more than the sum of all her credentials.  She truly embodies a holistic approach to family health, focusing not only on the nutritional needs of special needs children but also the nutritional and emotional needs of their caregivers.  She couples that with a "real world" understanding of time, financial and other constraints on parents and gives parents do-able goals to reach for both themselves and their children.  She is easy to talk to and a very sympathetic ear but she will push you just the right amount to make changes that will benefit the whole family!"
Kim Mack Rosenberg, client and parent of a child almost recovered from autism
Treating autism through diet and supplementation was unquestionably the right choice for our family, but beginning the process overwhelmed us. No matter how much support you have, you need someone who can both pull the team together and patiently explain every step. That is the role that Kathleen plays. Having a 'personal advisor' has given us the tools to keep going."
Katherine Rydell, client
Kathleen is a compassionate, tenacious woman who understands Autism and ADHD better than any professional I have ever met. She would be truly an asset to your team or household."
Jane Casey, Author of Eat It And Beat It - Getting Over Autism
I would recommend Kathleen highly for any role that leverages her extensive knowledge of the biomedical model for childhood intervention in autism."
Dr. Ronald L. Hoffman, MD, Author of Intelligent Medicine and Host of radio show Health Talk, WOR Radio Network
I had the good fortune to meet Kathleen Reily a number of years ago. I've been in clinical practice for almost 30 years and have years of training in Clinical Nutrition. In discussions with Kathleen I was continually surprised at her depth of knowledge and experience in the application and impact of nutritional interventions for autism, along with a broad range of related issues. After following her advice on a number of my patients, I just began to refer my patients to her for care as she not only had a better command of the knowledge, but her outcomes were superior to mine and my patients deserve the best care available. My practice has benefited greatly from the inclusion of Ms. Reily as a part of it. I recommend her without reservation."
Dr. Gary R Vitullo, DC, Los Angeles, California
You have made more difference for us than all the Doctors and Therapists we've worked with for him over the years. Thank you so, so much."
Paola Schwartz, client
...Kathleen's continuous quest for knowledge in the area of healthcare and her focus on a wellness lifestyle places her in a prime position as liaison between doctor and family."
Dr. David J. Rowe, DC, Rowe Chiropractic Offices

The first step is to decide where you are now in your child's recovery process, and where you'd like to be. Then if you're ready, contact me now, because the sooner we can talk the better your outcome will be. Take some time to download and read my free informational guide, then make up your mind to schedule a consultation with me as quickly as possible. You will see a difference sooner than you think.

Dr. Oz Discusses The Link Between Brain Inflammation and Autism
and How Dietary Intervention Can Help

Please view the fourteen minute video "Hope After Diagnosis" from, to more clearly understand the view of the thousands of families whose children have been helped or recovered on a biomedical model approach for autism.

TACA Video



Now, imagine what a day in your life might look like after working with me:

  • You find that you are beginning to safely and enjoyably take your child anywhere, including restaurants, shopping, swimming, and public events.
  • You begin to feel more comfortable leaving your child with caregivers, not just therapists, family members, or special aides.
  • You begin to get spontaneous hugs, re-establish eye contact, and share smiles with your child.
  • You can enjoy time with friends, and relax and re-establish intimacy with your spouse.
  • You start to feel better in your own body, in your relationships, and in effectively navigating your marriage and family life through the stress that autism and ADHD has introduced into your life.
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